Pro-M is a centre of engineering excellence providing consultancy services for development of building and infrastructure facilities. It has been established keeping in view the widely felt need for a fully integrated engineering solution provider for the building industry. The following are the key differentiators of our practice which we call the six sigma of engineering

To provide highly customized design solutions based on in-depth scientific analysis of the specific requirements of the project and not based on empirical standards

To carry out detailed engineering study not limited to design intent alone but preparation of truly "good for construction" drawings. The contractors are not expected to prepare shop drawings for execution of regular items of work

To provide fully integrated and inter-services coordinated set of drawings to ensure least loss of construction time in conflict resolution at site

To prepare quantity survey documentation of highest standards of accuracy supported by take-off sheets and not based on thumb rules

To offer a single point of interface and responsibility for the entire scope of engineering design services provided

To provide design solutions that are construction and operations friendly to conserve precious time and resources of the promoter and the end user

Integrated Building Engineering Services

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