Pro-M's core commitment is to provide cost effective and energy efficient design solutions par excellence. The strategy adopted for such a commitment is to deliver the same through systems-integration. Pro-M manages a portfolio of highly specialized professionals with wide experience in their respective fields of practice. Based on the project requirements a core team is composed with appropriate experience to ensure delivery of cutting edge solutions to the clients. Such a systems-integrated approach possesses the following inherent strengths


Systems-integration calls for careful planning right from the initial stages of team formulation to delivery of the project. This consequently results in seamless integration of our design timelines with that of the project baseline. Tapping into the wealth of information available with our specialists, we are able to match the programmatic and planning standards of the project with a schematic design and baseline budget in a short period of time

Innovation in Design

With dynamic exchange of knowledge between various teams within our team and with our large client base, we are able to bring refreshing design solutions on the table. We have adopted the paradigm of sustainablility through the life cycle of the project right from conception, design, execution through completion and usage of the facility. Most of our solutions are founded on best practices, which are often than not in line with modern tenets of sustainable building design


Pro-M and their panel of professionals are always open to technical audits and third party design reviews. Our robust quality plan ensures strictest standards of professional practice and quick access to our design processes and mechanisms


Apart from the said support of a strong team of professionals, our offices are fully appointed with high-end computer hardware, software and reprographic facilities

Integrated Building Engineering Services

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